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TCP/IP Utilities Version 2.0

This powerful Internet tool set was once only available to computer specialists. Now, because of Java, anyone can access them.

Unfortunately, unlike most of my Java programs, this one must be downloaded and run as an application in order to work. The example shown below will not function while online (unless you have a very special browser).

Here are the included Internet tools:

Service Name TCP/IP Port number Description
Whois 43 Use the Internet's own internal record system to find out who owns any domain, and who is using a particular address. You can use this tool to find the name and address of someone sending you spam e-mail.
Finger 79 Find out who is logged onto a particular system.
Domain Name Server 53 Find the address for a host name, find your own machine's address. This can be used to discover whether a particular name is in use.
Time 13 Access an atomic clock to get the time of day.

Here is what the application looks like. Remember, unless your browser is set up in a very peculiar way, you won't be able to actually use the functions until you download the application here .

Click here to download the required Java class files. TCP/IP Utilities is in the CareWare program.

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