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  World Clock (old) v. 3.2

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This Java clock shows the date and time in all 24 time zones simultaneously. You may select AM/PM display and/or Daylight Savings time if you wish. You may also select a time zone other than your own.
  • Because this is a "client-side" application, its time accuracy depends on your computer. If its time differs from the correct value, please adjust your local clock. Also, the displayed time zone reflects your computer's current settings. If you would like a CareWare clock calibrator, click here .
  • This Java applet replaces the JavaScript version (2.0) and has many advantages in design and performance.
  • This is a Java application — it requires a Java capable browser to run correctly. Examples of such browsers are Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 (available at Microsoft ) and Netscape 2.0 and 3.0 (available at Netscape ).
  • A number of countries have non-standard time zones based on half-hours. Please forgive my laziness in not incuding these places. Also, this would have made the display a rather unwieldy 48 lines long.
— Also check out my clock/counter page. --

Click here for the ZIPped World Clock Java class file.

I don't see the clock. What's wrong?

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