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 * arachnoid.com
 3D Printing
 * 3D Printing for Builders
 Anycubic Kobra Max: Be Careful
 Platonic Solids I: Vertices and Edges
 Platonic Solids II: Edges and Faces
 * Biography — Paul Lutus
 * Full Site Search: www.arachnoid.com
 Master Index — arachnoid.com
 Master index — arachnoid.com (no DHTML)
 Submit a Page from arachnoid.com
 Android Offline Topographic Map
 Android application Privacy Policy
 Android-x86 Desktop Howto
 Linux on Android
 SSHelper : FAQ/User Feedback Page
 * Arachnophilia
 Arachnophilia 4.0
 Arachnophilia Bug Report Page
 * Arachnophilia Documentation
 A Quick Tour of Arachnophilia
 Advanced Features
 Arachnophilia 5.4 Version Notes
 Arachnophilia FAQ
 Arachnophilia Introduction
 Arachnophilia Revision History
 Basic Web Page Building
 Browser Issues
 Common Problems
 Configuration Files
 Getting Started
 Graphics Operations
 How to Create and Edit HTML Documents
 Searching & Replacing
 Specifications and Copyright
 Spell Checker
 Tables and Lists
 The Arachnophilia Macro Architecture
 The Arachnophilia Right-Click Wizard
 The Code Beautifier
 The Java Custom Class Interface
 Working with external programs
 ~ Acknowledgments
 * The Best and Worst College Majors
 Everything You Know is Wrong
 Fire Your Stockbroker!
 If I Were In Charge
 Programming Handheld Calculators
 Stocks and Stockbrokers
 The Best and Worst College Majors (PDF)
 The Idea Carnival
 Was Thanos Right?
 * The Levels of Human Experience
 * The Levels of Human Experience
 2. Delta (δ): Feelings
 3. Gamma (γ): Beliefs
 4. Beta (β): Facts
 5. Alpha (α): Ideas
 6. Conclusion
 Boycott Microsoft
 * Boycott Microsoft
 Replies to "Boycott Microsoft"
 * The Symmetry Principle
 2. The Details
 3. Human Symmetry
 4. Selected Replies to "The Symmetry Principle"
 C++ Tutorial
 * C++ Tutorial
 2. Setup
 1. Introduction
 2. Setting up to compile C++ on Linux/Unix
 3. Setting up to compile C++ on Windows
 3. First Program
 1. A simple C++ program
 2. A slightly more complex C++ program
 3. Getting Organized
 4. Data Types and Handling
 1. Introduction to Data Types and Operations
 2. Basic Data Types
 5. Control Methods
 1. What is Program Control?
 2. More Control Examples
 6. Common Student Problems
 1. Keyboard Input
 2. Simple File Input
 3. Output Formatting
 4. Scope and Visibility
 * Rope Climbing 101
 Climbing (old version)
 Quadcopter High Line Rigging
 Computer Graphics
 * Blender Graphics: Lenses and Optics
 3D Particle Box
 3D Photosphere Viewer
 Binocular Vision
 Blender Distributed Network Rendering
 Blender Graphics: Make a Planet
 YouTube Ad Killer
 Adventures in Ray Tracing
 00: Adventures in Ray Tracing
 02: The Basics
 03: The Process of Image Creation
 04: Orientation in POV-space
 05: A First Image
 06: Some enhancements
 07: Changes to the Interior of Objects
 08: Constructive Solid Geometry
 09: More about lenses
 10: Animation
 11: Anaglyphic 3D
 12: Virtual Telescope I: Galilean
 13: Virtual Telescope II: Cassegrain
 97: Anaglyph Generator Perl Script
 99: Full-Size Title Image
 * A Note about Freeware
 * AboutTime Home Page
 * DataProspector
 * NetworkControl
 * New World Clock
 * SignalGen Home Page
 ArachnoCalc 1.5 Home Page
 CuteButtons 2.4 Home Page
 CuteTabs Home Page
 EasyTerm Home Page
 EasyTuner Home Page
 FTPthing Home Page
 File Processor Help
 File Processor Home Page
 Graph Tutor 2.0 Home Page
 JavaCounter 4.8 Home Page
 Notes for the Java / JavaScript Programs
 PHP Script Pages
 QuickWatch Check Format Converter
 SlideProjector Home Page
 Tides Home Page
 Virtual Calculator
 World Clock (old) v. 3.2
 dbEdit Home Page
 * SiteGen Web Site Indexer
 * SiteGen Home Page
 SiteGen Perl script listing
 SiteGen Ruby script listing
 Outline Browser
 Outline Browser Home Page
 Outline Browser Documentation/Support
 PHP Writer
 * PHP Writer Home Page
 PHP Writer Script Listing
 * A Virtual Bird
 Creating Drone Images and Panoramas
 Photosphere Gallery
 Photosphere Viewer
 Editorial Opinion
 * How to Help the Crooks
 * On Believing
 * The Right to Choose
 * The Right to Choose (PDF)
 Be nice or we'll blow you up
 For Example ...
 Networks Of Sleaze
 Reader Feedback for the article "Artificial Womb"
 Reader Feedback for the article "The Doubt Factory"
 Reciprocal Linking
 Selected Replies to "Transitions"
 Social Narcissism
 The Artificial Womb
 The Narcissist Appreciation Society
 When Does it Become Murder?
 Why don't books have advertising?
 Words and their Meanings
 * Explanation
 Feedback to The Anti-Spam Home Page
 Media Studies
 Miscellaneous Topics
 On Evil
 Reader Feedback to "What is Science?"
 Reader responses to "Is Mathematics a Science?"
 Reflections on Cosmology
 Selected Replies to "When Does it Become Murder?"
 Selected Replies to "The Physics of Dark Energy"
 Selected Replies to the article "On Believing"
 What Do You Have Against Women?
 Where is my Data?
 An Insider's Perspective
 Authority in Science
 Autism is Real
 Can Psychology Ever Become A Science?
 Difficult Choices
 Expertly Dysfunctional
 How Does It Feel?
 I know what science is!
 Inappropriate Title
 Mental Health and Evolution
 Narcissism Revisited
 Not Fair!
 Psychology 101
 Reader Feedback for "How to Raise the Asperger's Child"
 Selected Replies to "A Society of Victims"
 Social Narcissism Feedback
 Yes, but ...
 Word Game
 Ham Radio
 IcomControl Home Page
 IcomProgrammmer II
 JRX: Virtual Ham Radio
 Morse Code
 RadioComm Home Page
 Sangean ATS-909X
 Simple 10 MHz Frequency Standard
 Software-Defined Radios
 USB Power Issues
 HDTV Test Pattern
 JTides Home Page
 * OpticalRayTracer Home Page
 OpticalRayTracer : Feedback
 OpticalRayTracer Technical (older, archived)
 OpticalRayTracer Technical Description
 Snell's Law Calculator
 ASCII Character Set
 Big Digital Clock
 Browser Analyzer
 FreeMap: The Map
 Interactive JavaScript Programming
 Number Base Conversions
 * Intel NUC
 * Linux Base
 Adventures in Networking
 Bash Shell Programming in Linux
 Consistent Network Device Naming
 Dictionary access under Linux
 Dictionary front end using PHP
 How to Use Secure Shell
 Installing Linux on a Dell XPS Laptop
 Mobile Internet Access Using Linux
 Notes and Fixes for Fedora 17
 Router Programmer
 Running Fedora Linux on Dell Laptops
 Secure Shell Fun and Games
 Bash Script Beautifier
 * Bash Script Beautifier (Ruby)
 Bash Beautifier Listing
 * Modeline Calculator
 Modeline Ruby Program Listing
 * Controlling NetworkManager
 Ruby Listing: configure.rb
 Hacking the Nokia N810
 * Consumer Loan Calculator
 * Finance Calculator
 * Trigonometric Relations
 * Unit Conversions
 Area of an Irregular Polygon
 Binomial Probability
 Coronavirus Math
 Equities Myths
 Interactive LaTeX Editor
 Introduction to Statistics
 Mandelbrot Set
 Peak People
 Polygon Calculator
 Polynomial Regression Data Fit
 Polynomial Regression Data Fit (Java version)
 Quadratic Equation Solver
 The Mathematics of Pi
 The Mathematics of Population Increase
 The Physics Behind Stopping a Car
 Why PDF?
 * Applied Mathematics
 * Sloped Bottom Tank
 * Storage Tank Profiling
 * Storage Tank Modeling
 * TankCalc
 * TankFlow
 * TankProfiler
 Storage Container Mathematics
 TankProfiler Case History
 TankStepped Java Source Listing
 Trapezoidal Storage Tanks
 Trapezoidal Storage Tanks: Java Listing
 User inquiries about TankCalc
 Volumes In Depth
 * Calculus
 * Introduction to Calculus
 * Old Calculus Primer
 * Old Calculus Primer
 02. A Moving Experience
 03. Derivation
 04. Integration
 05. Volume 1
 06. Volume 2
 07. Differential Equations
 08. Terminal Velocity
 09. Nature's Math
 10. Tools
 * Is Mathematics a Science?
 Is Mathematics a Science?
 * Maxima
 * Symbolic Mathematics Using Maxima
 01. Acquiring, Installing and Testing
 02. First Examples
 03. Files and Functions
 04. Creating Sets of Functions
 05. Differential Equations
 06. Fourier Analysis
 07. A TeX Clipboard Daemon
 08. Conclusion
 09. TeX Clipboard Daemon Ruby Listing
 * Sage
 * Exploring Mathematics with Sage
 02. Installation and Testing
 03. Learning Sage
 04. Trapezoidal Storage Tanks
 05. Cylindrical Storage Tanks
 06. Differential Equations
 07. Future Value
 08. Tuned Circuits
 09. Fourier Methods
 10. Polynomial Regression
 11. Terminal Velocity
 Graphinity Online
 Prime Numbers
 Prime Numbers
 * Randomness as Meaning
 Equities Market Simulation Listing (C++)
 Signal Processing
 * Signal Processing Workshop
 2. The Discrete Fourier Transform
 3. The Fast Fourier Transform
 * Alaska Images
 * World Sail
 Online Slide Sets
 Teleprompter Online
 Did Earth's life originate on Mars?
 * Did Earth's Life Originate on Mars?
 02. Mars
 03. Did Earth's Life Originate on Mars?
 04. Meteorite Time Sequence
 05. Evidence for Mars Origin
 06. Objections to NASA Thesis
 07. Steps to Improve Evidence
 08. Evidence for Past Water on Mars
 09. Alternatives to Photosynthesis (1)
 10. Alternatives to Photosynthesis (2)
 11. Alternatives to Photosynthesis (3)
 12. Speculation: Did Earth's Life Come From Mars?
 13. Distant Stars, Distant Planets
 14. How We Detect Planets
 15. The Case for Extraterrestrial Life
 16. A Lunar Lake of Frozen Water
 17. Current Mars Missions
 18. What next?
 19. Hubble Image
 * Science
 02. The Human Brain!
 03. Beavis' Brain has three parts -
 04. The Reptilian Brain
 05. The Mammalian Brain
 06. The Neocortex
 07. Thinking Styles: a 'Good' Thought
 08. Thinking Styles: a 'Bad' Thought
 09. An Irresistible Offer
 10. A Public Proposal
 11. Presenting A New Idea
 12. What Science is not about:
 13. What Science is about:
 14. An Example of Science
 15. An Example of Science
 16. Gifts (1)
 17. Gifts (2)
 The Idea Marketplace
 * The Idea Marketplace
 02. The Idea Marketplace
 03. Idea Producers
 04. Properties of Producers
 05. Idea Distributors
 06. Properties of Distributors
 07. Idea Consumers
 08. PPT Slide
 09. Fact:
 10. Idea:
 11. Principles of Idea Production
 12. Principles of Idea Distribution
 13. Principles of Idea Consumption
 14. Question:
 15. Fact Solution: Recite an old verse
 16. Fact Solution Pros & Cons
 17. Idea Solution: 1. List known facts
 18. Idea Solution: 2. Simplify and adjust
 19. Idea Solution Pros & Cons
 20. Question:
 21. Fact Solution: Consult authority
 22. Fact Solution Pros & Cons
 23. Idea Solution: Think it Through
 24. Idea Solution: Compare Results
 25. Idea Solution Pros & Cons
 26. Question:
 27. Fact Solution: Consult authority
 28. Idea Solution: Think it out
 29. Question:
 30. Fact Solution: Consult authority
 31. Idea Solution: Think it out
 32. Idea Solution: Think it out
 33. Question:
 34. Question:
 35. Question:
 36. Unsolved Problems for the 21st Century
 37. Unsolved Problems for the 21st Century
 Message Page
 My Favorite Websites
 My Favorite Websites (no DHTML)
 Personal Biography
 Library Database
 MySQL Tutorial 1: Overview, Tables, Queries
 MySQL Tutorial 2: Views and Joins
 MySQL Tutorial 3: Triggers and Automation
 MySQL Tutorial 4: Relational Databases
 MySQL Tutorial 5: SQL Examples
 Natural Resources
 * Lake Mead Water Levels
 Lake Havasu Water Levels
 Lake Mojave Water Levels
 Lake Powell Water Levels
 Older Articles
 * Consumer Angst
 * How we confuse symbols and things
 * Interview with an Extraterrestrial
 Computer Art
 Computer math
 Creative Problem-Solving
 Did Earth's Life Originate on Mars?
 Don't call us — we'll call you
 Dynamic Linking Libraries
 How to Buy a Computer
 Interview with an Extraterrestrial — Printable
 The Constancy of its Affections
 The Internet Free Zone Home Page
 The Magic Looking Glass
 Why are computers so hard to use?
 Orbital Modeling
 * Tracking the James Webb Space Telescope
 Section 1. Computing Gravity
 Section 2. Programming/Language Issues
 Section 3. JWST Lagrange Orbit Analysis
 Planetary Science
 * Restoring Mars
 Mars Photosphere
 Restoring Mars : Feedback
 Programming Resources
 * General FAQ
 * HTML for the Conceptually Challenged
 * Home Page Builder 2.0
 * The CareWare Idea
 Electric Duet
 Excel 7.0 Spreadsheets
 Home Assistant / Insteon Rescue
 Home Page Builder 2.0 — Help
 I Dumped Insteon
 JavaScript Signal Generator / Spectrum Analyzer
 Perl / CGI Scripts, C++ Programs
 Regular Expression Laboratory
 Speak & Search
 Speech to Text
 TCP/IP Utilities Version 2.0
 Where did my files go?
 * The Anti-Spam Home Page
 The Old Anti-Spam Home Page (archived)
 Home Automation
 * Home Automation
 2. Installation
 3. Programming Controls Directly
 4. Managing a System Controller
 5. X-10 Translation
 6. Web Page Interface
 7. Web Page Generator PHP Script Listing
 Phase-locked loops
 * Understanding Phase-Locked Loops
 * Psychology and Neuroscience
 * Psychology and Neuroscience (PDF)
 A Society of Victims
 Asperger's By Proxy
 Asperger's By Proxy (PDF)
 Asperger's By Proxy : Feedback
 Building Science
 Building Science : Feedback
 Children of Narcissus: Feedback
 How to Raise the Asperger's Child
 Is Psychology a Science?
 Is Psychology a Science? : Feedback
 No Theory, No Science
 On Being Perfect
 Psychology and Neuroscience : Feedback
 Reddit: Psychology is a science!
 Science of Mind
 Science of Mind: Feedback
 The Myth of Mental Illness
 The Myth of Mental Illness: Feedback
 The Scientific Paradigm
 The Scientific Paradigm : Feedback
 The Trouble with Psychology
 The Trouble with Psychology : Feedback
 Children of Narcissus
 * Children of Narcissus
 02. Baseline
 03. Narcissism
 04. Authority
 05. Media Portrayals
 07. Equities Market Simulation Listing (C++)
 * Introduction to Jupyter
 * Python
 Bash Script Beautifier (Python)
 GnuCash Utilities
 * IPython: Math Processor
 2: Installation
 3: Getting Started
 4: Equation Processing
 5: Equation Solving
 6: Normal Distribution
 7: Differential Equations
 8: Fourier Transforms
 9: Tips & Tricks
 Raspberry Pi
 * Raspberry Pi
 Raspberry Pi Remote Control
 Wireshark Follies
 * Encountering Ruby
 Creating Music Playlists with Ruby
 Round Table Corners using Graphics
 CSS Corners
 Listing: create_round_corner_css.rb
 Round Container Corners using Pure CSS
 GPS Activities
 * The GPSMap Project
 Ruby GarminReadWrite Script Listing
 Ruby KmlConvert Script Listing
 Graphinity: Graphing in Depth
 Ruby Graphinity Script Listing
 Modeling Gravity with Ruby
 * Modeling Gravity with Ruby
 Listing: gravity.rb
 Listing: numerical_solution.rb
 Programming Icom Radios
 IcomProgrammer Ruby listing
 Programming Icom Radios
 Ruby Graphical User Interface
 Listing: aboutdialog.ui
 Listing: aboutdialog_ui.rb
 Listing: regexp_tester.rb
 Listing: regexp_tester.ui
 Listing: regexp_tester_ui.rb
 Listing: sampledialog.rb
 Listing: sampledialog.ui
 Listing: sampledialog_ui.rb
 Ruby Howto: Graphical User Interface
 Ruby Script Beautifier
 * Ruby Script Beautifier
 Ruby Beautifier Script Listing
 Listing: searchreplaceglobal.rb
 * Confessions of a Long-Distance Sailor
 * Eclectic Navigation
 Celestial Navigation
 My Sailing Odyssey
 Sailing Introduction
 Sailing Pictures
 The Boat-on-a-rock Problem
 Alaska 2002
 * Alaska 2002
 2. The Boat
 3. Kayaking and Photography
 4. Bears
 5. Winds and Currents
 6. Ice
 Alaska 2003
 * Alaska 2003
 02. The Boat
 03. Bear Versus Bear
 04. Bear Versus Fish
 05. Ice
 06. Whales, Birds, Critters
 07. Olga Bay, Tides in Bays, Mathematics
 08. Tourism
 09. Rescue!
 10. Hiking Notes
 11. Conclusion
 Alaska 2004
 * Alaska 2004
 02. Bear I: Family
 03. Bear II: Bear Angst
 04. The Face in the Rock
 05. Aurora
 06. Nature as Product
 07. Whale Day
 08. A Foreign Land
 09. Walking on the Land
 10. Epilogue
 11. Hiking Field Notes
 Alaska 2005
 * Alaska 2005
 02. On the Noses of Bears
 03. Bear Footwear
 04. Bear Etiquette
 05. Three Pleasant Hikes
 06. Adventures among the birds
 07. Air and Water
 08. Boat Issues
 Alaska 2006
 * Alaska 2006
 02. Ice Physics
 03. Bears and Tourists
 04. A Pleasant Hike
 05. How to Avoid Exercise
 06. In the Company of Bears
 Alaska 2007
 * Alaska 2007
 02. Sex Among the Bears I
 03. Sex Among the Bears II
 04. Crazy Tourists
 05. Survival Suit Race
 06. Collision!
 07. Favorites
 Alaska 2008
 * Alaska 2008
 02. Walking on a Glacier
 03. Whale Photography
 04. Salt to Fresh Water Kayaking
 05. Hallo Bay/Ninagiak Island
 06. Rescue!
 07. The Bear Follies
 08. Tent Camping
 09. Stupidity
 Alaska 2009
 * Alaska 2009
 02. Onion Bay Hike
 03. Coghill River Hike
 04. Bear Dating
 05. Rescue!
 06. Aground
 07. Breakdowns and Repairs
 08. Technical Notes: Inverter/Charger Project
 Alaska 2010
 * Alaska 2010
 02. Amook Island
 03. Rescuing a Big Boat
 04. Boat Decay
 05. Flying Tourists
 06. Ancient Village Site
 Alaska 2011
 * Alaska 2011
 02. The Perfect Kayak Outing
 03. Swept Away
 04. Coghill Lake Paddle
 05. Picture Gallery
 06. Generator Blues
 07. Electronic Navigation
 Alaska 2012
 * Alaska 2012
 02. Lituya Bay
 03. Bear Follies
 04. Larsen Bay
 05. Cute Animals
 06. Microscope
 07. Electrolysis
 08. Interesting Pictures
 Alaska 2013
 * Alaska 2013
 1. The Incredible Shrinking Glacier
 2. The Lovers
 3. Tides and Currents in Channels and Bays
 Alaska 2014
 * Alaska 2014
 1. Impeller Pump Blues
 2. Olga Bay
 3. Cabin Bay
 4. Boat Journeys
 Alaska 2015
 * Alaska 2015
 1. Aerial Photospheres
 2. Long Island
 3. Geographic Harbor
 4. Onion Bay
 5. Cabin Bay
 6. Granite Bay
 Alaska 2016
 * Alaska 2016
 1. Coghill Lake
 2. Bainbridge Island
 3. Granite Bay
 4. Naked Island / Cabin Bay
 Alaska 2017
 * Alaska 2017
 1. Bainbridge Island
 2. The Incredible Shrinking Glacier
 3. Lituya Bay
 4. Camping Out
 Alaska 2018
 * Alaska 2018
 01. The Day of Seven Bears
 02. Two Rescues
 03. An Easy Electronic Repair Method
 Confessions of a Long-Distance Sailor
 / Confessions Online
 01: Chapter 1 — Introduction, San Juan Islands
 02: Chapter 2 — Oregon to Hawaii
 03: Chapter 3 — Hawaii to Marquesas
 04: Chapter 4 — Marquesas to Tuamotus and Tahiti
 05: Chapter 5 — Tahiti to Darwin
 06: Chapter 6 — Darwin to Sri Lanka
 07: Chapter 7 — Sri Lanka to Tel Aviv
 08: Chapter 8 — Tel Aviv to The Caribbean
 09: Chapter 9 — The Caribbean to Oregon
 10: Epilogue
 11: Glossary of Nautical Terms
 * Eclipse 2017
 * Evolution
 * The Doubt Factory
 * Why Science Needs Theories
 Are You Overweight?
 Orbital Dynamics
 Physics / Conservation of Energy
 Physics / Relativity
 Reader Feedback for the article "Evolution"
 Science Litmus Test
 Unicode Character Search
 * Answers
 * Answers
 * Dark Energy
 * The Physics of Dark Energy
 01. Differential Equations
 02. Classical Cosmology
 03. Relativistic Cosmology
 04. Big Bang Cosmology
 05. Dark Energy Observed
 06. A Dark Energy Model
 07. Discussion and Conclusions
 08. Space Applet
 09. Space Applet Java Listing
 * Gravitation Equations
 * Gravitation Description and Equations
 02. Force & Weight
 03. Power, Energy & Gravity
 04. Ballistics
 05. Orbital Mechanics
 06. The Pendulum
 * Gravity
 Gravity and Energy
 * What is Science?
 * What is Science?
 * Gravitation 3.8 Home Page — Normal Display
 Gravitation 3.8 Home Page — Big Display
 Gravitation 3.8 Home Page — Small Display
 Gravitation Help/Tutorial
 Satellite Finder
 * Satellite Finder Online (JavaScript)
 Satellite Finder Home Page
 Satellite Finder Online (PHP)
 Solar Computer
 * Solar Computer
 Sun Calculator
 Sun Calculator Help
 Why is the Sky Dark at Night?
 * Why is the Sky Dark at Night?
 02: Some Elementary Physics
 03: The Heat Pump
 04: The Rubber Band Experiment
 05: Olbers' Paradox
 06: Red Shift
 07: Summary
 08. Program Notes
 09. The Space Applet
 10. Reader Replies to "Why is the Sky Dark at Night?"

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